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H_RD Slide Pre-order H_RD Slide Pre-order

This is a pre-order item. The H_RD Slide is expected to ship in September.

The H_RD Slide is a variant of the H9 slide engineered to allow for the mounting of red dot optics. The H_RD Slide mounting plate system allows a single slide to use multiple optics. Initially, Hudson Mfg is offering a choice of three hardened steel mounting plates for the Trijicon RMR, Shield RMS, and Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, and every H_RD slide will ship with an aluminum block-off plate to use when an optic is not mounted. The H_RD features a suppressor height front sight to use with the integrated back-up rear sight on the RMS, the optional rear sight on the DeltaPoint Pro, or the integrated suppressor height rear sight on the RMR mounting plate.

The hardened steel mounting plates fit over a robust pivot surface and rotate into dual dovetail joints cut into the slide. The result is a robust system that prevents forward and rearward motion of the plate and provides the assurance that the H_RD plates will keep your optic in place while shooting. The H_RD Slide is engineered to allow for the lowest possible mounting surface without sacrificing weight, reliability, or compromising critical dimensions.

Contact sales@hudsonmfg.com for dealer pricing.

Our Price: $747.00
9% Pre-order Discount $679.77
Savings: $67.23
H9 Threaded Barrel H9 Threaded Barrel

Introducing the Hudson Mfg threaded barrel with a premium nitride finish and 1/2 x28 thread pitch. This drop-in factory barrel provides the opportunity to mount your favorite can for polite shooting or your favorite compensator for rude, but arguably more fun endeavors. The threaded version of the patent-pending barrel design was tested under a high-speed camera and showed that the H9 threaded configuration outperforms industry standards. The H9 threaded barrel requires a Nielsen type device for standard can configurations. We recommend subsonic ammunition for the best suppression levels, and 124 grain or heavier loads for the best performance. Enjoy.

Our Price: $227.00
Hudson C1 Compensator Hudson C1 Compensator

Compensators have been proven over decades of testing and use to provide quicker follow up shots accomplished by redirecting the gasses escaping the muzzle which decreases the amount of force returning straight back to the shooter. The bottom line is they work.

The Hudson C1 Compensator is crafted to fit the specific aesthetics of the H9 family of pistols. We construct the C1 from 7075 aluminum alloy, bead blast it, and anodize (type II) it for a smooth matte black finish to match the H9. The C1 has a 1/2x28 TPI thread pitch, and it is compatible with the Hudson H9 Threaded Barrel for your H9 or other pistols with the correct dimensions and same thread pitch. No need for a gunsmith, install the C1 yourself with the included set screw.

Our Price: $87.00
H9 Thumb Safety Plug Kit H9 Thumb Safety Plug Kit

This H9 Thumb Safety Plug Kit includes both the OEM left and right-hand thumb safety plugs required for a complete installation.

Our Price: $29.99
H9 Magazine Catch Assembly H9 Magazine Catch Assembly

The H9 Magazine Catch Assembly is available after a few early adopters of the H9 realized that the magazine catch lock in the assembly is not a flat-head screw. This replacement OEM magazine catch assembly consists of three pre-assembled parts(magazine catch, magazine catch lock, and magazine catch spring) and ships ready to install. It is fully ambidextrous and will quickly reverse without the disassembly of any other part.

Our Price: $25.99
H9 Threaded Barrel Hudson 1/2x28 Thread Protector

The Hudson 1/2x28 Thread Protector will protect the threads on your barrel when you are not training with your favorite muzzle device. This steel thread protector has a premium nitride coating matching the same finish on the Hudson H9, although this thread protector will fit all threaded barrels with a 1/2x28 pitch including most 22LR, .223, 5.56mm, 9mm, and .357 SIG barrels. The multi-sided thread protector provides plenty of angles for gripping and clean lines that will look good with your barrel.

Our Price: $15.38
Firearm Cable Lock Firearm Cable Lock

The Firearm Cable Lock is identical to the OEM packaged with all H9 pistols. This lock has a protective coat on the cable to prevent marring the surface of your firearm, and a set of two keys is included with this lock.

Our Price: $9.99
H9 Grip Screws H9 Grip Screws (Set of 4)

Whether you accidentally stripped the OEM screws, the dog overturned your tray, or you just want to keep an extra set of replacement grips screws on hand, here are the factory original grip screws for your H9.

Our Price: $9.99