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H_RD Slide Pre-order H_RD Slide Pre-order

Testing complete.  Final finishing and coating underway.  Shipping soon!

Our Price: $747.00
9% Pre-order Discount $679.77
Savings: $67.23
H9 Threaded Barrel H9 Threaded Barrel

Currently out of stock. Those went fast! Next production in the queue.

Our Price: $227.00
Hudson C1 Compensator Hudson C1 Compensator

The Hudson C1 Compensator is crafted to fit the specific aesthetics of the H9 Family of pistols.

Our Price: $87.00
H9 OEM Front Sight (Trijicon HDâ„¢) H9 OEM Front Sight (Trijicon HD™)

The standard OEM front sight of the flagship H9 pistol.

Our Price: $74.99
H9 OEM Grip Panels (VZ Grips®) H9 OEM Grip Panels (VZ Grips®)

The Hudson H9 OEM grip panels are Smooth, Black G10 variants by VZ Grips.

Our Price: $55.00
H9 17-Round Magazine H9 17-Round Magazine

The Factory 17-Round Magazines have arrived!

Our Price: $39.99
H9 OEM Thumb Safety Plug Kit H9 OEM Thumb Safety Plug Kit

This H9 Thumb Safety Plug Kit includes both the OEM left and right-hand thumb safety plugs required for a complete installation.

*Note: These are NOT the manual safeties

Our Price: $29.99
H9 OEM Magazine Catch Assembly H9 OEM Magazine Catch Assembly

By special request from a few early adopters who realized the Magazine Catch Lock in this assembly is not a flat head screw, the H9 OEM Magazine Catch Assembly is now available.

Our Price: $25.99
H9 Threaded Barrel Hudson 1/2x28 Thread Protector

Form meets function. Our multi-sided Thread Protector provides plenty of surfaces for gripping, and clean lines that compliment the aesthetics of your pistol.

Our Price: $15.38
Firearm Cable Lock Firearm Cable Lock

The OEM Firearm Cable Lock packaged with all H9 pistols.

Our Price: $9.99
H9 OEM Grip Screws H9 OEM Grip Screws (Set of 4)

Whether you accidentally stripped the OEM screws, the dog overturned your tray, or you just want to keep an extra set of replacement screws on hand, here are the original factory grip screws for your H9.

Our Price: $9.99